Video Marketing Blaster Review

Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) is an UX friendly and easy to use desktop software specifically developed for YouTube video optimization (YouTube SEO).

Optimizing YouTube video is crucial to ensure that video will get more views even if your channel is new with little to no fallowing (subscribers)

Video Marketing blaster is not your typical YouTube view bot, it has 4 primary features that will be beneficial for all YouTube content creators I point out in my Video Marketing Blaster Review but has many other options available that can be integrated with their other tools.

VMB is specifically intended for YouTube and Google search engine optimization, SEO in general is complicated and always changing practice, so it can be a rather lengthy subject to discuss. I will try my best to keep this Video Marketing Blaster review short and to the point as possible. 

In a hurry?

  • Is Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) a scam? – No
  • Does it work and will it get more views or subscribers? – Yes
  • Is it worth the price? – Yes (It’s dirt cheap)
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video marketing blaster reviewd

Intro: My Experience With YouTube Channel Management

I have been optimizing websites and YouTube videos for more than 10 years for my own projects and my clients, starting from small channels like Primera Air to massive brands like L’Oréal Group worldwide with many local countries and brands like Garnier. I have used almost every tool on the market, check out Best YouTube View Bot for 2020 article where I highlight more of my experience and YouTube view bots I suggest.

* Only 23 uploads with only 333 subscribers pulled in over 550k video views

I can be honest right up front – It’s not absolutely the best tool on the market and won’t get  millions of views on day one, but it definitely will help a lot specially if you don’t know much about video SEO and how important it is to optimize your videos.

I must point out that website or video SEO is expensive and time consuming practice that you can’t learn in a day or a year. But in 2020 there is no way you will get views without optimizing your videos!

Tools we use for our client video analysis, optimization and tracking costs us over thousand dollars per month and usually are rather complicated for beginners.

Just as an example for my daily work and my clients I use,,, Screaming frog and additional 10k eur/month goes on link building campaigns. Expensive stuff right? 

That said, let’s get right into the VMB review.

How Video Marketing Blaster Works

As I mentioned above SEO can be expensive, long and complex practice. If you are new to SEO Video Marketing Blaster is the fastest, easiest and absolutely the cheapest way how you can start optimizing your YouTube videos

VMB is intended for keyword analysis and video Meta and micro data optimization so that YouTube and Google search engines would rank your videos higher than others for specific keywords or key phrases thus ensuring your video with a highly targeted audience specifically interested in the topic your video is about (targeted traffic) therefore ensuring guaranteed views and potentially more subscribers.

Find keywords that people are using in search engines in your market or topic you are making videos about

Optimize your videos around chosen keywords to ensure your video will rank high for these keywords in search engines and get you more views

Let’s say you are interested in buying a new reciprocating saw, you go online to do some research to find out what is the best reciprocating saw on the market.

Most likely there will be only two places where you would start your research, Google or Youtube. You type the keyword or phrase “best reciprocating saw” in the search bar and go from there. 

Most people don’t think that YouTube is a search engine like Google – YouTube actually is second biggest search engine behind Google best thing is that in Google search you get YouTube videos usually in top positions

Properly optimized videos will show up not only on YouTube search results but in Google as well, so twice as much potential traffic (video views) to your video.

Note that “Pro Tool Reviews” channel is not a big YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers like “Project Farm” with 1.3m subscribers but still has first and second spot.

Quick keyword research just for US market shows that each month approximately 1,9k people are searching and specifically using keyword in search engines “best reciprocating saw” 

Get your video on first spot on Google and YouTube search and this video will get views 24/7 all year around. Make a good video and people will subscribe therefore this method is the best way to grow the channel from zero. 

Don’t buy fake views, they are useless! Start optimizing your videos and your channel will grow naturally with a highly targeted audience.

Reason why to use Video Marketing Blaster

While reviewing Video Marketing Blaster I analyzed it not so much as hardcore SEO specialist but as some one who would be an average person who just is struggling to get more views on YouTube with little to non knowledge about SEO. I made 4 major bullet points why Video Marketing Blaster is something you should invest in.

1.      VMB Keyword Discovery Tool

Video Marketing Blaster extracts keywords to use for you YouTube video optimization. VMB in the extraction process analyzes not only search volume for keywords but dives deeper to analyze competition. It is important to start your video optimization process for those keywords that have most search volume and less competition to ensure fastest results.

Not only this tool is great for you to start dominating your niche for all major keywords people are searching for but use this tool to get new ideas on content to produce as you will get valuable data that shows what people are actually interested in and are searching for.

Not that there are no good free tools for proper keyword analysis anymore. Even Google keyword planner shows extremely proximate data if you don’t invest approx. $100 per month on AdWords campaigns – that said Video Marketing Blaster is not the best keyword analyzer tool but it sure is dirt cheap and will get you started

2.      Generate Perfectly Optimized Data

Video Marketing Blaster one of the biggest time savers after keyword analysis is generating optimized YouTube video titles and video descriptions automatically, all you need to do is copy and paste them on YouTube.

Do not take this step lightly! Optimizing correctly, your video title and description is extremely important not only for your or new viewers but for Google and YouTube spiders to understand what keyword should you be ranked for.

Title optimization is one of the most important optimizations parts. Not only perfectly optimized titles can increase your click through rate (CTR) percentage but boost you to top positions for specific keywords or long-term keywords (phrase).

Perfectly optimized title includes more than 15 different SEO elements like, where specifically put your target keyword in the title, exact match or partial and more. Video Marketing Blaster will do all the optimization for you so you can be sure after changing your Title it will be perfectly optimized for algorithms.

3.      FREE Real Lifetime Views and Subscribers

Never buy fake views! Fake views in early days was a good way to trick YouTube algorithms to boost your video on trending sections, suggest it to related videos and increase your position in YouTube search results but those days are all long gone.

And why would you want to risk your YouTube channel getting taken down in first place ? Buying fake views is against YouTube guidelines, so you will get banned sooner or faster!

With Video Marketing Blaster you can optimize your videos, rank them highly for highly searched keywords and your video will get the best YouTube views you can get, highly targeted, and will never stop! So even better than advertising.

4.      Copy & Paste SEO

As I mentioned above SEO is not a simple study even though I would suggest you do some research if you are serious about growing your YouTube channel. I understand that not all birds are meant to be caged and waste your time on researching search engine optimization and you shine the brightest expressing yourself in videos.

To higher SEO specialists or small agencies to manage your YouTube video optimization most likely will be too expensive so, I suggest you use Video Marketing Blaster as it will cover all the most necessary optimization for you.

In conclusion

I read a few Video Marketing Blaster reviews and I can agree with those who give lower ratings if you want to use it for quick affiliate marketing results, not the best tool to have but VMB is a great tool for beginners and those who have some following already. It is not your secret key of becoming a next PewDiePie with one click but it will help you to grow your channel faster.

Is VMB Scam?

Video Marketing Blaster has more than 20k active users so, the number itself says a lot of its legitimacy. No it is not a scam.

Do you really need Video Marketing Blaster ?

In 2023 you need your YouTube Videos to be optimized for crawlers, there is no way around if you want to get more views right from the start. You have to do some research and learn SEO or at least get VMB to get you kick started right away with basic optimization essentials.

What others reviewers think?

In general everyone who knows more about value of YouTube SEO and how it can help you get more views faster agrees that Video Marketing Blaster is good tool to have in your tool box. Check out another great review of Video marketing blaster