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Best YouTube View Bot for 2020

YouTube view bot is an automated software that will grow your YouTube video views and channel subscribers much faster. Best YouTube view bots are safe to use and won’t harm your channel. It is important that YouTube bot you are using works within YouTube TOS guidelines.

The Only Software That Is Able To Reverse-Engineer YT & Google Ranking System and Rank Hundreds Of Videos With The Click Of 3 Button

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best youtube view bot 2020


    • Finds untapped, buyer keywords that can easy be exploited
    • Generate Perfectly SEO optimized Titles, Descriptions & Tags
    • Drives 100% Free traffic from Google & Youtube 24/7
    • Tap Into The Massive Potential Of SEO Without Actually Knowing SEO

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​For ​6​ ​years​ ​we’ve​ ​been on​ ​a​ ​mission​ ​to​ ​reverse​ ​engineer​ ​the​ YT and Google ranking system! We​ ​wanted​ ​to​ ​figure​ ​out​ ​the​ secret​ ​sauce, the why and how things worked the way they do…We wanted to figure out the ​exact components​ necessary to replicate page one ​rankings. We wanted INSTANT results. So, for the last few years we’ve tested just about everything. We’ve uploaded thousands of videos to figure out all the ranking factors, all the triggers and signals Google and YT demand you take into consideration when ranking videos. Finally we cracked the code and created Video Marketing Blaster for us to automate everything. Now its public and you can use this tool for your selves to drive more Youtube views now! Remember this is 100% safe to use not like your typical Youtube view bot!


Best way how to get more views on YouTube is with TubeAssistPro! Work Within YouTube to Optimize and Grow your Channel. Other products require you to leave YouTube in order to access their functionality. Not TubeAssistPro: this youtube viewer bot features load right within YouTube’s website, inline with your daily workflow.

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How To Get More Views On YouTube

TubeAssist complies with 100% of YouTube’s Terms Of Service. They are committed to following YouTube’s policies and keeping your account safe. Don’t worry, be happy! This is the only way you will get real views and won’t get your account suspended!


To save you from downloading software on each computer you would use if they went online platform and now is known as TubeAsisst! TubeAssist automates your daily marketing tasks while not going beyond the limits imposed by YouTube. TubeAssist can run in the background while you work on other projects or even while you sleep. The process of using TubeAssist is broken up into two steps:

Step 1: Gathering Users [Targetyoutube view spider search our audience]. The first step is to find people on YouTube who you believe would be

interested in your YouTube Channel or Video. TubeAssist has many features to help you find and target these people. It is against YouTube’s TOS to send untargeted messages.

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Step 2: Contacting Users [Automate your Tasks]. The second step is to use our automation tools to contact the people you gathered. You do this by having Tube Toolbox send Messages, Share Videos, Subscribe to Channels and post Comments. This will bring people to your Channel and Videos ultimately increasing your video views and exposure on YouTube.


using youtube views increaserThis screenshot is taken from my friends YouTube channels dashboard, from one of his videos analytic and as you can see his video barely was getting any views. I suggested him to try out tube toolbox software and needless to say, results were instantaneous!

This screenshot from tube toolbox review shows exactly why tube toolbox is much better than any other service you can get out there to get more views on YouTube. Thing is that these are 100% real people views genuinely interested in videos you make.

So for example if you would buy fake views, you might get a large spike in analytic but on next day you will be back right where you started with zero real views and less money in your bank account, sad but that’s a fact and that is how tube toolbox is totally different and incomparable in value you get. As you can see in this picture after using software, the video keeps on getting the massive increase in video views on its own.

Remember that if your videos suck automated software’s or buying fake views won’t help you as well, so remember if you want to get YouTube views, you will have to work for it. Produce quality content and spend a little time each day promoting it online and via word of mouth. In time, your hard work just might pay off.


So you are looking for ways to get free YouTube views? If you are reading this article, the answer is probably yes. Finally, you have the cutting edge information to generate YouTube hits yourself. This tutorial is made to introduce you to the art and science of generating more views at will. I believe with a little information about how YouTube works and less than little effort, you can save yourself from buying fake views.

Tons of people post videos on YouTube, which means that the videos you post can easily get lost in the sea of digital content. However, there are things that you can do to make sure that your videos do not get totally lost in the gigantic mix of other videos. If you need help figuring out how to get views for your YouTube videos, the tips in this article will help.


Do not post poor quality videos. If the quality of your work is poor, people will stop watching and you will not get any views at all. Always make sure that the sound and video is optimized for playback on YouTube before posting anything.


Here is a quote from great video on YouTube

A quality video on YouTube is a video I enjoyed watching or got value from in exchange for the time I spent on it. Quality content, quality videos are that simple. I don’t care about the lighting unless it’s a distraction. The audio can be a distraction for the experience for sure. Other than that, the odds are you are overthinking it. Focus on a quality experience.


Unfortunately, not many people manage to get views despite their efforts because they don’t know how. Discussed below are tips you can use to get YouTube views and improve your online business.

  • Keywords research
  • Video Title Optimization
  • Optimize the Video’s Description
  • Optimize the Video Tags
  • Quality thumbnails
  • Keep Creating More Videos
Keywords research

To get hits on your video, you first need to make sure that your video can be found when people search for related terms. This means that your videos should have interesting and detailed video title and description. They should also have a good number of relevant tags and keywords.

Good keyword research is one of the most important steps to succeed on getting more views to your YouTube video. Thing is if you want to get a large number of views you need to do some research at the beginning. There are two ways you can find keywords that people are actually using to find what they are looking for.

The first way is by simply typing in YouTube search box the main keyword that your videos is about and check what pops out, YouTube will give you suggestions of keywords popular searches. The second way is by using Google keyword planner tool – this is more in-depth, super accurate and sneaky way to find out what people are exactly typing for when they are searching.

In your TAG area, you need to add all kinda variations of your main keyword. For example: How to lose weight, Lose weight fast, the fastest way to lose weight, weight loss program… and so on. You can find best keywords in these two ways and both of them are easy and don’t take a long time to find.

Title of your video

Video Title is one of the major parts of successfully increasing YouTube video views. When people are searching for something on YouTube they will type the keyword what they are looking for.  For example ’’how to lose weight’’ and first of all they will check the title, but they won’t spend much time reading it. So you want to make your video title short but with something that will make your video to stands out from the others.

The little bit exaggerated, but a Good example would be “SHOCKING TRUTH about Weight loss REVEALED!’’  As you can see the part ‘Shocking truth’ instantly cashes human eye and he will check it out. Remember to keep your title short and with something that stands out from the others. This will definitely help your video get more YouTube hits.

Descriptions of your video

Video description is really important for two reasons. First is to describe your video to YouTube’s algorithm, let YouTube bot understand what about is your video. Secondly first few sentences or approx 160 characters of your video title will be places as meta description in HTML code and that will help your video show up on Google search as well. So if you want a lot of views the tip is don’t rush on video description writing. In my opinion, YouTube is starting to pay closer attention to the content of video descriptions same as Google does to meta tags and content of the page.

Video thumbnails

Eye caching thumbnail will definitely increase your YouTube video views. Another step to increase views is to create a thumbnail for your video. A thumbnail is basically a snapshot that best represents your video. It could be an image, text or a frozen part of your video. You have the choice of creating a thumbnail if you are a partner of YouTube. You can customize the design so you have the option of creating one. If you are not a partner of YouTube, the site will auto-generate three thumbnail options for you to choose from. Make sure your thumbnails look good to easily capture the attention of viewers whether in YouTube of in search engines.

good vs bad youtube thumbnails

More friends on channel will get you more views on your videos

Get YouTube hits and subscribers by sending private messages to people who watch the same kind of videos you make. Sending private messages is a good way to increase your YouTube amount of views and getting subscribers. You probably know why it’s so critical to get a large number of subscribers and friends so I won’t get much in details about why you need them. You can start doing it for free, but it is slow and time-consuming.

For example, if you’re making videos about cooking, all you need to do is go and type in YouTube search box: “cooking videos” then just choose one of the videos and click on it, below the video you’ll see people who have left comments on the video. So if people actually leave comments on video they probably are interested in the actual video and they are real viewers so all you do is click on the person who left the comment. Now in his profile just go to ‘About’ section and on the top right side you’ll see a button that says ‘send message’ click on it and now you can send this person a private message.

In this message you want to invite this person to view your video so for example, this message can go something like: “Hey I just read your comment on this cooking video and I saw that you liked this video very much! I just made a similar video of making the same cake just with few master chefs secrets and tricks and I really think that you would love it!”Don’t forget to add a link from your video.

Now all you do is just go back to the same video and send the same message to the next person who has left a comment and so on. As this will take ages I would suggest you pre-write your comments and just copy and paste them when you’re sending messages. This method is really really effective way how to get more video views fast but it is time-consuming, so the best way how to do it is by using some sort of automated software that can send hundreds of thousands of messages even while you sleep and by far the best software that can actually do this by its own is Tube Toolbox!

Quality of YouTube video

You need to pay close attention to video quality to get more views. Basically, it goes in two parts – the quality of the video itself and the content of the video. No one likes blurry videos and most of the time when I click on the video and it has been taken with some terrible camera and it’s shaky and with terrible sound so I just navigate from it. But if you’re using desktop cams your priority is video content. Basically, before filming the video make a script and think over how will you make it.

FIRST 48 HOURS is critical

Take Advantage of the 48-hour window that YouTube gives you to get on the front page. Every successful YouTuber knows the importance of first 48 hours in which they must get their videos maximum exposure. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to focus all your effort in this small window. I am sure you think that it is really hard to get a lot of video views in first 48 hours, but that’s where tube toolbox comes into play.

With toolbox, all you do is gather a few thousand people who would be interested in your video and just send them a message with your video and invite them to view your new and amazing YouTube video. So with Tube Toolbox, it is really easy to get a lot of YouTube hits in first 48 hours, and these will be real people who may by after checking out your video will subscribe and share it. With this method, you can get thousands of views fast!

Chance So People Would Click On the Link

Increasing the chance your viewers would convert for just a YouTube viewer to the actual customer is by adding a link to your website or affiliate link into the description box below the video and there are few tricks how to increase the possibility that someone will actually click on it.

One of the most important things to increase the chance so that people would click on your link is a good quality content of the video. For example, you have made a video about ‘’how to lose weight exercises’’ and video content is really good and people actually found your video helpful and liked it, there is good chance that they will want more information from you.

Make sure that link you share is the first thing in the video description box! people are so lazy and if they don’t see your link right away, they probably will click on the next video or go away. So it is crucial to put your link at the beginning!

Invite them to click on your link! I would suggest to tell them something about the website, something exclusive that is just on your website and it is nowhere else to be found and then make clearly call to action!

Point to the link! If you are making some presentation on video don’t just say click link in the  YouTube video description but actually, point to it with your finger and say that it is down there. You also can just put a medium size arrow pointing down.  This simple trick is really effective and now you can see all the top YouTube channels using it. This trick was discovered by top internet marketers.

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