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Hi, Martin is the name

Long story short, I have been doing stuff online from 2009 and still am to this day more than ever. SEO and internet marketing is my passion and on my way succeeding, I have learned a thing or two.

Currently I am a full time employee at E-commerce Company consulting SEO and Google Ad-words’ for our clients. I have to say that I am the one who actually loves what I am doing and I love everyday going to work, even more I am constantly jumping in to new projects.

Aside from 9-5, and all the projects I am consulting, I’m still generating a substantial income online – I’m not driving a Ferrari and I don’t live in Malibu beach, but financial freedom is a goal I suggest you to achieve as well!

I am not an SEO or AdWords guru and definitely not calling myself as one! I can guarantee that you do not have to be a so-called guru to achieve success online. As one of my favorite all time mentors Frank Kern once said: The key to being successes full online or very simple, there are two commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not fuck around
  2. Thou shalt not be a pussy

So what do those 2 commandments mean? First, don’t mess around. Get to it. Set goals and pursue them without hesitation and with the vigor and passion of a man (or woman) committed.

Second, when it comes to doing difficult things, don’t wuss out. Don’t cower. Tackle stuff head-on. Heck, the easy stuff is easy; anybody can do it. What separates the average from the extraordinary is the extraordinary figure out how to get the hard stuff done. They don’t run away from a fight.

I strongly suggest you to watch Frank’s Video about how to succeed online. I guarantee you will find him entertaining and inspirational.

To yours and mine success,


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